Street Play

The Street Play project’s vision is for every child to have the freedom to regularly play actively and independently in front of or near their own front door, contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Play England is working with Playing OutLondon Play and the University of Bristol to directly support communities and local authorities across the country, particularly in disadvantaged areas, to reactivate a culture of children playing out in the streets near where they live and embed this in local policy.

The project is:

  • Supporting parents and communities to kick start resident-led street play through providing guidance and support online.
  • Supporting residents and communities in up to nine target areas with poor health outcomes to activate street play in their neighbourhoods.
  • Working with locally based voluntary organisations and local authorities to advise them on the policies and processes that can support resident-led street play.
  • Campaigning to raise awareness about the benefits of playing out, increase acceptance of children playing near where they live and stimulate demand for street play.


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Further information, advice and resources will be available here as the project progresses. To stay up to date about this and all the latest Play England news, join us on Facebook, and Twitter.