Community play briefing 3 – Friends of Groups

This briefing is for parish councils, friends of parks groups, community groups, voluntary management bodies, voluntary organisations and anyone from the local community who wants to support more and better play in green spaces.

This briefing aims to provide ideas and practical advice on how communities can encourage play in green spaces by becoming involved in friends of the park and similar groups. It provides advice on setting up a friends group and information on getting the group involved through:

– Organising events and activities to animate a space

– Providing information about the area and the green space to the community

– Identifying resources and pockets of funding to improve the quality of space

– Providing a safe environment to encourage play

– Undertaking some of the maintenance and improvements.

Information is also provided on insurance and public liability issues and details of where to find out more information.

This briefing was produced as part of Play England’s Engaging Communities in Play programme.

Download the briefing.